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Great Lengths


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When following this link, simply click on "Our Brands" and then "Great Lengths" to learn more about extensions.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths are the top of the line in hair extensions. They are made with the best quality hair and are fair trade. 

Great Lengths keratin bonds can last up to 6 months. They are very safe to wear and some of my clients have been pleased with the growth of their natural hair too. 

It is important that you return to me for your color services while wearing the extensions. Toward the end of the wear, we will plan out bond removal and replacements.

Great Lengths are a luxury worth having!



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Great Lengths and Hairtalk extensions are great for long-wearing and blending into hair seamlessly. These extensions are safe as can be, and each application is individualized both in color and in design. This fee goes toward your first application! Let's go!                                                       $50

1. We choose your hair color.

2. We choose your length.

3. Deposit is given toward services and hair to come!


4. I order your hair. We set up your extension appointment.


6-8 weeks after installation you will return for your new application. Hair wefts can last up to 8 months before they need to be repurchased. 


One move-up 

per row $75


Beaded wefts Maintenance (no-sew): 

per row $75


Sewn-in Hand Tied:

per row $150

Weft Removal

per row $15

Hairtalk has a lovely collection called Hairwear that creates a perfect blend into a person's natural hair. For those who prefer to have a fuller look on top.

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