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Clipper/Short cut
Finishing Blow Dry

The design for you will be specifically made to bring out your best features. We will sculpt for your lifestyle and face shape. $65

            Kids' haircuts up to 17 years are $40

For men and women with shorter styles. Styles are designed specifically for your face shape and hair type. $50

Make the look complete with a knock-out blow-dry. The soft citrus aromas of OWAY hair products will leave you smelling great and with a look that will last.  $10

     Brow Wax
           Brow Color
        Lip Wax

So easy. For anyone who needs shaping around their brows A gentle wax is applied to give you the perfect shaping.   $25

A color formula that is specifically formulated for eyebrows and it is long-lasting. Add this to any service to complete the look.  $10

A gentle wax is applied to the upper lip. It only hurts for a second! Ask me about your chin too if you desire a little more off.  $15

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