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Coming Into the New

Hello there!

Sometimes life will throw us a curveball and we just need to take a deep breath and keep our eye on the ball! This is how it has felt for me most recently with my move from Southern Oregon to St. Charles, Illinois. So many wonderful memories remain in Southern Oregon along with my oldest daughter, Ashlyn. At times I feel the newness as a weight upon me, missing the past and my loved ones, as well as my clients who I adore.

Soon I will begin a new career here in Geneva, Illinois with a wonderful stylist, Tai. I cannot wait to see what she can do as a stylist, and what we can learn from each other. In the creative work that I have performed all of these years I find a solace. I love that as a stylist I get to design as well as meet incredible people.

I love the world of extensions and I will be glad to introduce the lucky one's to the joy of having more hair! Putting a person all together beginning with coloring, than to extensions, and onto the final cut, is my favorite!

Over the time I have spent as a stylist I have become accustomed to using the most top quality products. I love Wella: Kolstein Perfect and Color Touch, and Keune: So Pure. Both of these lines are extremely comfortable for me to use in that they are gentle and less toxic. So Pure is also a permanent line without ammonia. I like to choose a color line based on the client I have in my chair, and what I feel will be the perfect match to their lifestyle and hair type.

Another lovely service I have for you all is the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment. It is literally NON-toxic. I mean can you believe it? And it works! I absolutely waited for this line to come into my life so that I could share it with my clients. I would not work with a smoothing system in the past because all were too harsh for you and me. So celebrate!

When I send you home after all of our hard work together it is important that you keep that hair in tip-top condition. That is why I send you home with O Way products. O Way is a beautiful Organic line from Italy. It is rich and luxurious. I also carry Living Proof for those that prefer products made from scientists from MIT and hair stylists. I have found Living Proof really is true to its name.

In mid-November I will receive my licensing from Illinois. I can't wait to begin a new career here. I look forward to giving a sexy vibe to your hair and a healthy shine as well. Send me an email at: and let's get your hair in order!


Mackenzie Lokan

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