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I have been a hairstylist for most of my adult life. When I started beauty school 20 years ago, my daughter Ashlyn was a one-year-old and quite bald. By the time I finished beauty school, she was then two years of age, and she had begun to grow a whispy white mullet. I once brought her to school with me while I received a service from a friend. My daughter was whisked away by the creative friends that I had made while in school there.

The excitement in my little one's eyes as she returned to me, is a moment I will forever cherish. She was so proud of herself and she grinned with outrageous joy that only young people can express. Her hair had been placed into pigtails. Her little whisps were slicked tightly with gel into the tiniest of rubber bands. I had never before attempted to put what little amount of hair she had into hair ties. And my daughter was so happy that her hair was long enough to finally have a new style! Her confidence as she smiled to all who glanced toward her was catching. She was a living doll.

This moment we all shared with my young daughter is the feeling that I aim to give to each and every client. The other day while I worked on one of my extension clients she brought up the joy that she feels now because of what I have created for her. Actually, what the two of us have created together. The truth is she has an openness to trying new things. She knows that I will do anything I can to make sure she is doing well with her hair situation. My client's ability to trust in my abilities in helping her has given our time together the success that we have acquired.

She feels so happy and so confident with herself now that we have given her a way to have hair that brings her typical, everyday, satisfaction. She has mentioned to me that in the past she felt sad and worried about her appearance all of the time. Now, she said, she sometimes finds herself taking for granted how great she feels about her appearance. And I am so happy to have received her joy through her hugs of gratitude and her tears of shock that we did it!

Confidence is a game-changer. How we talk to ourselves and how we see ourselves are extremely important. Technology in the beauty industry is ever-changing and I have made it my passion to learn as much as I can during my life behind the chair. How can I help you? Creatively speaking what do you need to make your hair feel and look better? I'm here for it.

My daughter Ashlyn today.

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